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Internship Opportunity for Young Roma at the Roma Education Fund (REF) - IT Internship

REF seeks to host one person for a paid internship in the IT Unit of the foundation, under the supervision of the IT Officer at the headquarters in Budapest.

The duration of the internship is for 2 months (July and August 2019) 8 hours per day however the daily schedule can be negotiated.  The candidate ideally should be located in Hungary.

Tasks include: 

*      Reinstalling REF computers:

o   Creating backups

o   Installing Windows operation system

o   Update Windows Operation system for office users.

o   Installation and setup softwares

o   Installation and setup of Office 365 package

o   Installation of MS Teams and Yammer

o   Installation of Team Viewer and create registration to all users

o   Add the computer to REF Domain system

o   Assisting users to restore files.

o   Install and configure the printer driver

o   Note the news in the IT Officer computer list

*      Assisting the IT Officer with the testing of the landline phones, docking stations and other IT tools.

*      Setup working stations for users:

o   Monitor, keyboard and docking station

*      Update the IT tools inventory list

*      Assisting the IT Officer to complete:

o   User’s requests

o   Preparation of O365 tutorial

o   Optimization of the SPAM filter

o   purchase of new tools

*      Collecting and managing user’s contact and updating the Outlook list

*      Set up printer to each user

*      Fix the old Office pack software list

Please download the entire Position Description document below. 

Interested candidates should submit their application package to:

The application package should contain a CV and a short motivation letter indicating the reasons for applying for an internship at REF. Further, the candidates requested to submit a completed information sheet on financial coverage.

REF is committed to equality and equal opportunity principles when selecting the candidates.