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Internship Opportunity for Young Roma at the Roma Education Fund (REF)

Internship positions are an important component of REF activities as they allow young educated Roma to get acquainted with the organization and the issues related to the education of Roma people in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.
Internships also help REF to establish a network of young and dynamic people who, upon completing their internship, will go on to support, in various ways, the objectives and mission of the Fund and Roma inclusion in conventional educational systems.

REF can host up to five paid intern positions at a time throughout the year. Each position lasts for three months period, part-time or full-time. The foundation seeks to host one person per program/department at a time at the headquarters in Budapest.

Please note that if you were previously an intern at REF, then you are ineligible for a second internship.

Candidates are accepted from now on until further notice.

Candidates should specify their interests regarding internship in one of the following REF Budapest’s programs /departments:

•    Communication
•    Research
•    Tertiary Scholarship Program
•    Project Support Program (Grants)
•    Administration and Finance

The selection process for all intern positions at REF Budapest is processed by the Selection Committee of REF, composed of managers from each department. REF is committed to gender equality and equal opportunity principles when selecting the candidates.

Branch offices of the Roma Education Fund in Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, and the office in Romania also welcome applications for summer internships. REF Budapest will act as the collection point for candidates for these offices, at the same e-mail address indicated below.

Candidate’s profile should include:

•    past involvement and experience in Roma education issues (studies, volunteer work, professional work), as well as in other Roma-related spheres of life;
•    strong interest demonstrated in supporting advancement and inclusion of Roma;
•    capacity to communicate well in English;
•    strong IT skills, in particular Microsoft Office as well as the internet browsing software (IE, Firefox, Chrome).


In addition to approximately five paid internship positions per year, due to financial limitations, REF also offers unpaid internship/ volunteering possibilities for those interested.

Interested candidates should submit their application package to

The application package should contain an Euro pass CV and a motivation letter indicating the reasons for applying for an internship at REF. Further, the candidates will submit a completed information sheet on financial coverage, and their preferred time availability.