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REF is Seeking a National Selection Board Member in Czeh Republic


Roma Education Fund’s Scholarship Program for tertiary education announces its call for applications for a National Selection Board (NSB) position for the Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program (RMUSP). The NSB will participate in the evaluation and selection process of REF Scholarship Program (REF SP) beneficiaries in Czechia for the academic year 2019-2020.

The NSB members will independently review the eligible applications for the Scholarship Program and will assign scores to each application in the REF SP’s online evaluation platform, according to Program’s pre-established set of evaluation criteria. In the selection process, where applicable, they will also conduct personal interviews with scholarship applicants. All NSB members’ evaluation work is based on REF SP’s policies and procedures and Scholarship Program’s Application Guidelines.

Besides the participation in the evaluation process, the National Selection Board member will assist the Program with information about the specifics of their national academic environment (particularly pertaining to higher education) and will advise on possible ways to improve the Program. NSB member will also be expected to assist the Scholarship Program in conducting inquiries regarding the applicants, if needed, on aspects such as ethnicity, verification of documents, reference, etc.

REF SP encourages candidacy from its REF SP Alumni (former scholarship beneficiaries), provided they do not receive support from Scholarship Program during the term of membership.

The NSB member should notify the Scholarship Program in case of personal relation with any applicant(s) and consequently refrain from evaluating the respective application(s). Furthermore, the NSB member shall treat all information as confidential and will NOT be allowed to use or disclose information about the applicants (or from their applications) for non-program related matters or to third parties. In cases of Program related enquires, NSB members shall refrain from responding to the applicants individually, and forward the above mentioned enquiries to the Scholarship Program staff.

The candidates for National Selection Board must:

  • be citizens of, or reside in the country for which REF SP is seeking candidacies for the NSB position;
  • hold a Master, or a Doctorate, or an equivalent degree; 
  • be affiliated with academic institutions, or be an employee of government, or local administration, or working in NGOs involved in supporting the Roma community in the country;
  • have at least two years of work experience in the Academic field or NGO/GO field, and have good knowledge on the higher education system in the country;
  • possess satisfactory writing and oral skills in English and in the official language in which the National Selection Board will conduct the evaluation process of REF scholarship applications;
  • have a good command of using Microsoft package (MS Office, Excel, Power Point, outlook) and internet navigation browsers.

Individuals identifying themselves as Roma and fulfilling the above mentioned profile and requirements are particularly encouraged to apply. 

The interested candidates should send a CV (Europass format) and a Motivation Letter in English, until  20 May 2019 to with the title “application for NSB position”.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.