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Context publications on Roma Education/Policy

10 Common Basic Principles of Roma Inclusion –Initiative of the European Union:
A comprehensive publication outlining the European Platform for Roma inclusion. Includes 10 basic principles and outlines the process of implementation.

Education in Member State Submissions under the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies
The document outlines and explores member-state submissions to the European Framework. It includes a compilation of strategies submitted by member-states to be used for the purpose of implementing the National Roma Education plan.

Horváth and Kiss Judgment on Roma Education
An entry submitted by an up-to-date blog managed by The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Article details the outcome and effects of the European Court case
Hovath and Kiss v. Hungary.

Report on Roma Education Today: From Slavery to Segregation and Beyond
An article from the Columbia Law Review published May 2010. A comprehensive article that outlines the history of Roma segregation and the steps in which Roma equality has slowly progressed over the years.

Roma education in the UK: Flourishing Abroad, Derided at home
This article appeared in the Economist Dec 2011 that details educational barriers Romani students face in certain parts of Europe. Article also compares educational shortcomings and strengths of specific institutions.

Think Tanks, NGOs, and Other Organizations in the Field of Education:

American Educational Research Association
American Enterprise Institute
American Institutes for Research
Brookings Institution
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Cedefop-- European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
The Center for Education Reform
Consortium for Policy Research in Education
The Century Foundation
Committee for Economic Development
Council of the European Union (Committee on Education, Youth, and Culture)
EACEA-- EU Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency
Education Development Center, Inc.
The Education Trust
Educational Policy Institute
EU Committee of the Regions (Commission for Education, Youth, Culture, and Research)
EU Directorate-General of Education and Culture
Eurasia Foundation
European Commission (Education and Training)
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
European Investment Bank—Universities Research Action
European Parliament (Committee on Culture and Education)
European Training Foundation
EURYDICE—information network on education in Europe
Families and Work Institute
Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (Serbia)
The Gates Foundation College Readiness
The Gates Foundation Post/Secondary
The Heritage Foundation
IFO Institute for Economic Research
Institute of Economic Affairs (UK)
Institute for the Future
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Kettering Foundation (a community or family-centered approach)
LearnCapital (venture capital specifically for education)
National Center on Education and the Economy
National Education Association
National Education Policy Center (NEPC)
National Institute of Economic and Social
Nellie Mae Education Foundation
New America Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Pacific Research Institute
Progressive Policy Institute
Public Policy Institute of California
RAND Education & Art
RAND Education
ReferNet (Hungary)
Research Triangle Institute
Save the Children (UK)
Social Science Research Council
Tarki Social Research Informatics Center (Hungary)
Urban Institute
The World Bank

Broad List of Organizations Committed to Equality and Human Rights for the Roma
Art. 1
Amalipe Romano
Amnesty International

Amnesty International Hungary
Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance
BBC Kent Romani Voices
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Council of Europe
Council of Europe Development Bank
Charkiv Human Rights Protection Group
Center for Legal Resources
The City is For All
Chance for Children Foundation
Czech Helsinki Committee
Decade of Roma Inclusion
Documentation and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination
The Dzeno Association
European Academic Network on Romani
Studies E Romani Glinda
European Alliance of Regions and Cities for Roma Inclusion
European Committee on Romani Emancipation
European Women’s Lobby
European Roma Information Office
European Roma Grassroots Organizations Network
European Roma and Travellers Forum
European Dialogue
European Network Against Racism
European Roma Rights Centre
European Roma Policy Coalition

European Forum for Migration Studies
European Roma Information Office
European Roma and Travellers Forum
European Commission
Fundación Secretariado Gitano
Federación de Asociaciones Gitanas Extremenas
Foundation for the Women of Hungary
Finnish League for Human Rights

Gipsy Radio
The Gypsy Lore Society
Greek Helsinki Monitor
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Macedonia

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Helsinki
Citizens Assembly Turkey
Hellenic League for Human Rights
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
Hungarian Helsinki Committee
International Romani Union
Irish Traveller Movement
Irish Council for Civil Liberties
IQ Roma Servis
Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities
The Khetane-Spolu Citizens’ Association
League for Human Rights
Latvian Center for Human Rights
Legal Defense Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities
Ludwig Bolzmann Institute for Human Rights
League of Human Rights
The Museum of Roma Culture
Mundi Romani
Milan Šimečka Foundation
Mirovni Institute
Movement for Peace and Liberty
Moscow Helsinki Group
Memorial Historical, Educational, Human Rights And Charitable Society
Minority Rights Center
Minority Rights Group International
Nova Skola

National Democratic Institute
National Commission for Human Rights in Greece
Nacionalni Savjet Roma i Egipcana
National Roma Centrum
OSF Roma Initiatives Office
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Opre Roma
Open Society Fund Praha
Opera Nomadi Reggion Calabria
Open Society Fund (Roma)
People In Need Foundation
Pavee Point
Policy Center for Roma and Minorities
People Against Racism
Romano Dzaniben (journal)
The Roman Chave Foundation

Roma Information Center
Radio Cerenja

Roma Woman
RomNews Network
Roma Transitions

Radio C
Romano Centro
Roma-Lom Foundation

Romani-Baht Foundation
Roma Community Centre
Roma Rights Network

Rome Europe
Rom e. V.

Roma Health Network
Roma Onlus

Roma and Ashkali Documentation Center
Romani CRISS

Roma Institute
Regional Center for Minorities
Roma Support Group
Roma Virtual Network
Romani World

Roma Teaching and Training


Roma-Net Project
Romani Press Agency Slovakia
Roma Press Center

Sverige Radio
Slovo 21
Společně – Jekhetane
Swedish Center Against Racism
TV Sutel
The Tolerance Foundation
UN Development Program
UNICEF/Roma Children
Union Romani
Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
World Roma Organization
World Health Organization
World Bank
Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma

Selected Resources and Important Topics in the Current Educational Discourse

Cultural Diversity and Social Integration

American Educational Research Journal
Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Integrating Immigrant Children into Schools in Europe

International Journal of Educational Development
Inclusion in education: A step towards social justice
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Acculturation: Living successfully in two cultures
Are there cultural differences in learning style?
Attitudes toward the culturally different: the role of intercultural communication barriers, affective responses, consensual stereotypes, and perceived threat
Journal of Economic Literature
Identity and Schooling: Some Lessons on the Economics of Education
Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction
Cultural brokers: How immigrant youth in multicultural societies navigate and negotiate their pathways to college identities
Learning and Instruction
From social interaction to individual reasoning: an empirical investigation of a possible socio-cultural model of cognitive development

Early Childhood Education and Care
Developmental Review
Interventions to reduce prejudice and enhance inclusion and respect for ethnic differences in early childhood: A systematic review
Children Face Diverse Conditions in Early Childhood Education and Care Programs in Europe
Early Childhood Research Quarterly

How does early childhood care and education affect cognitive development? An international review of the effects of early interventions for children from different social backgrounds
Parental involvement in children's schooling: Different meanings in different cultures
Threshold analysis of association between child care quality and child outcomes for low-income children in pre-kindergarten programs
Economics of Education Review
Benefits of early childhood interventions across the world: (Under) Investing in the very young
European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
Listening to young citizens: the struggle to make real a participatory paradigm in research with young children
Special Issue: Disadvantage and Social Justice (from which the following two articles are taken)
--A special challenge for Europe: the inclusion of Roma children in early years education and care
--Accessibility of early childhood education and care: a state of affairs
Key Data on Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe
International Journal of Education Research
The effect of preschool dialogic reading on vocabulary among rural Bangladeshi children

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
The formative role of home literacy experiences across the first three years of life in children from low-income families A picture of strength: Preschool competencies mediate the effects of early behavior problems on later academic and social adjustment for Head Start children
Other Works
A study on effective early childhood and elementary character education through family-school partnership: Based on parents' satisfaction and needs.

Education and Government institutions

Financing Schools in Europe
Education Policy
Educating School Leaders for Social Justice

Journal of Adolescence
Systematic review of school-based prevention and early intervention programs for depression
Journal of School Psychology
Contributions of teacher–child relationships to positive school adjustment during elementary school
Studies in Educational Evaluation
How effective are poor schools? Poverty and educational outcomes in South Africa
How valid are school inspections? Problems and strategies for validating processes and results

Gender and Learning
Computers and Education
Gender differences in e-learning satisfaction
Directorate-General for Education and Culture (EU)
Gender and Education (and Employment)
Gender Differences in Educational Outcomes
Economics of Education Review
Girls, girls, girls: Gender composition and female school choice
International Journal of Educational Development
Gender equality in education: Definitions and measurements
Journal of School Psychology
The assessment of school engagement: Examining dimensionality and measurement invariance by gender and race/ethnicity

Native Languages and Language Proficiency
Cognitive Development
Aboriginal language knowledge and youth suicide
Developmental Review
How social contexts support and shape language development
Directorate-General for Education and Culture (EU)
Languages—Creativity and Innovation: European Success Stories
Economics of Education Review
Cultural capital and its effects on education outcomes
Education Policy
Against the Undertow: Language-Minority Education Policy and Politics in the “Age of Accountability”
International Journal of Educational Development
Rethinking the place of African indigenous languages in African education
Journal of Experimental Psychology

The benefits of being bilingual: Working memory in bilingual Turkish–Dutch children
Linguistics and Education
"Going up there": Challenges and opportunities for language minority students during a mainstream classroom speech event
The politics of Arabic language education: Moroccan immigrant children's language socialization into ethnic and religious identities
Translation in foreign language teaching: A case study from a functional perspective

Implicit attitudes towards native and non-native speaker teachers
The learning styles and strategies of effective language learners
Native and non-native teachers in the classroom

The Role of the Family in Education
Developmental Review
A theoretical upgrade of the concept of parental psychological control: Proposing new insights on the basis of self-determination theory
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
Parental school involvement in relation to children's grades and adaptation to school
Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction
What familial aspects matter? Investigating argumentative competences of learners at the beginning of secondary schooling in the light of family-based resources
Learning and Individual Differences
A chaotic home environment accounts for the association between respect for rules disposition and reading comprehension: A twin study
Other Works
Family Involvement Makes a Difference (set of research briefs regarding family involvement in schooling)
Parental Involvement in Students’ Education During Middle School and High School

School Reform, Teacher Training

Cognitive Development
Young children's creation and transmission of social norms
Directorate-General for Education and Culture
Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Albania
Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Croatia
Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans Kosovo

Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: FYR Macedonia
Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Montenegro

Teacher Education and Training in the Western Balkans: Serbia
Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe
Education Policy
Educating School Leaders for Social Justice
International Journal of Educational Research
School reform and transitions in teacher professionalism and identity
Teachers and Teacher Education
Equal Access to Education: An Evaluation of the Roma Teaching Assistant Program in Serbia 
The effects of professional development on the attitudes, knowledge and skills for data-driven decision making
Learning with their peers: Using a virtual learning community to improve an in-service Biology teacher education program in Brazil
Now and then, in and out of the classroom: Teachers learning to teach through the experiences of their living curricula
Teacher professional development in Teaching and Teacher Education over ten years
Other Works
High Level Group on the Modernization of Higher Education

Self-Motivation and the Role of Peers
American Educational Research Journal
Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies: Making Classrooms More Responsive to Diversity
Self-Motivation for Academic Attainment: The Role of Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Personal Goal Setting
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Enhancing student motivation and engagement: The effects of a multidimensional intervention
Self-Efficacy: An Essential Motive to Learn
Social supports from teachers and peers as predictors of academic and social motivation
International Journal of Educational Research
The role of motivation in promoting and sustaining self-regulated learning
Journal of Adolescence

Student engagement and its relationship with early high school dropout
Journal of School Psychology

Classroom effects on student motivation: Goal structures, social relationships, and competence beliefs
Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction
Constructing social and communicative worlds - The role of peer-interactions in preadolescents' discursive development
Learning and Individual Differences
The importance of motivation as a predictor of school achievement
Improving the effectiveness of peer feedback for learning
The power of anticipated feedback: Effects on students' achievement goals and achievement emotions 
Self-efficacy and academic achievement: Why do implicit beliefs, goals, and effort regulation matter?

Other Sources of Data

Education Policy Data Center
PIRLS (data on math and reading levels of students worldwide)
PISA (another worldwide student test, broader in conception)
World Bank

Education News Outlets

BBC News
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Week
Education World
The Guardian
The Independent
Inside Higher Ed
The New York Times
The Times Higher Education


Cool Cat Teacher
Education Insiders
Grant Wiggins
The Innovative Educator
Inside Higher Ed
The Learning Network
Life of an Educator
Paul G. Moss
Yong Zhao


Approaches to early childhood education Jaipaul Roopnarine and James E. Johnson

Beginnings & beyond: Foundations in early childhood education by Ann Gordon and Kathryn Browne 

Big Science for Growing Minds: Constructivist Classrooms for Young Thinkers. Early Childhood Education Series by Jacqueline Grennon Brooks

"Children's social development within the socialization context of child care and early childhood education" by Howes, Carollee, published in The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development, Second Edition 

The Economics of Education (textbook) by E Cohn

The Economic Value of Education by TW Schultz

Handbook of research on the education of young children by Bernard Spodek and Olivia N. Saracho. 

Improving Quality in Education: Dynamic Approaches to School Improvement by Bert PM Creemers and Leonidas Kyriakides

Markets in Education
by Simon Marginson

Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit

Professionals in early childhood education and care systems: European profiles and perspectives by Barbara Budrich, edited by Inge Schreyer and Michelle Joy Newmann

Restructuring Schools for Linguistic Diversity: Linking Decision Making to Effective Programs Ofelia B. Miramontes , Adel Nadeau and Nancy L. Commins

Roma Education in Europe: Practices, policies and politics by Maja Miskovic

The Romani Movements: Minority Politics and Ethnic Mobilization in Contemporary Central Europe by Peter Vermeersch

Miscellaneous Studies and Articles

Knowledge, Tests, and Fadeout in Educational Intervention
The Mission of the High School: A New Consensus of the Purposes of Public Education?

Schoolbased Interventions Promoting both physical activity and healthy eating in Europe: a systematic review within the HOPE project by Ilse  De Bourdeaudhuij, Eveline Van Cauwenberghe, Heleen Spittaels, JM. Oppert, C. Rostami, J. Brug, F. Van Lenthe, Tim Lobstein, and Lea Maes