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How to Donate to the Roma Education Fund

The Roma Education Fund (REF) has been supporting Romani children’s rights to quality, inclusive education since 2005. Working across the region to close the gap in educational achievements between Roma and non-Roma, the Roma Education Fund has reached out to over 150,000 beneficiaries through its tailored projects and programs that target all aspects of formal education – from early childhood development to parenting, from after-school tutoring to university scholarships.

Our best desegregation programs have been featured in some of the most rigorous educational forums in Europe and we advocate that all European states implement the proven models that we have developed in less than a decade working in some of Europe’s most disadvantaged communities. Our Romani staff’s unique knowledge base enables REF to diagnose problems, design solutions, find consensus, and convince communities that investing in education now is a smart investment.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in supporting children and youth in their education and development. We encourage governments, corporations, philanthropies, and local communities to support policies and invest in programs that help Romani children to get the best start in life and enable them to successfully continue and complete their educational careers.

You can contribute to the mission of the Roma Education Fund by making a contribution to our foundation through Paypal or international bank transfer to our Swiss or Hungarian entities.

The Roma Education Fund is able to accept tax-deductible donations from American-based donors in partnership with CAF America. Please visit this link to get started. UK-based individuals can make tax-deductible donations through CAF UK. Please visit for further details. For more information or questions regarding donations, please contact:

Ms. Andrea Dörömböző, Chief Financial Officer, office: +36.1.327.0616, operator: + | extension: 16

Paypal donate:

Roma Education Fund, Hungary   

Bank name: Raiffaisen Bank, Hungary
Bank address: Akademia utca 6, Budapest, H-1054 Hungary

EUR bank account
IBAN codes: HU 8012 0010 0800 1186 3700 2000 00

HUF bank account
Bank account: 12001008-00118637-00100003
IBAN codes: HU04120010080011863700100003

Roma Education Fund, Switzerland

Bank name: Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG
IBAN codes: CH78 0851 5030 2300 9200 4
Bank address: Bahnhofstrasse 36 CH-8010 Zürich
EUR bank account